Black Diamond Half Pavéd Tablet Necklace 14K Yellow

Black Diamond Half Pavéd Tablet Necklace 14K Yellow

Product Specifications:

0.27 ct hand-set black diamonds 
14k yellow gold tablet & chain
Thickness: 5.5 mm
Length: 11 mm 

    We literally took a pill and casted it into gold for perfect realistic dimension. Given this micropavé tablet’s all purpose design, it is the ultimate everyday accessory. Perfect for layering with different pieces or colors.

    Please note: All pieces are hand-made and hand-set so no two pieces will be identical and measurements will differ slightly from piece to piece. Color hue of colored precious stones will naturally vary slightly from piece to piece as well. These factors all ensure a 100% unique piece of jewelry.


    All jewelry is custom made to order and is created entirely by hand in New York City , therefore please allow 3 - 4 weeks for production.